Girl Meets Narco

An innocent Mexican girl. A lecherous cartel hitman who won’t take no for an answer. A crossing of paths that will leave one of them dead…

Life hasn’t been kind on Yatzil. After her brother’s murder, her deadbeat parents force her to drop out of school. Soon after beginning her new role as the family’s breadwinner, Yatzil finds herself in the lustful crosshairs of a cruel cartel sicario, a powerful murderer accustomed to getting whatever—and whoever—he wants.

When the heroic Montero comes to her rescue, Yatzil slips into a dangerous narco love triangle bound to leave a trail of bodies in its path. What happens when the girl does the unthinkable and defends herself against Ricky’s rape attempts once and for all? Can she survive the murderous wrath of a brutal narco gang leader?

Or will she and her new hero fall into the cartel’s lethal clutches?

Girl Meets Narco is a romantic crime thriller that features compelling characters, violent encounters, and a strong female protagonist driven to become her own hero. If you prefer intelligent narco-thrillers like The Cartel or Savages, lean noir thrillers like Drive, or girl+hero crime thrillers like Leon: The Professional, then you’ll love this character-driven crime novel filled with juicy conflict.

Rest in Peace, Baby

A teenager forced into the brutal world of sex trafficking. Dozens of murderous narcos with torture on their minds. The key to survival? A lone badass with a particular set of skills and an urge to kick some major ass…

Introducing the Badass Mexican Girl.

Tasked with assassinating a pair of narcos who seduced and killed the wrong woman, the Badass Mexican Girl finds herself deep within enemy cartel territory. Armed with only an AS50 sniper rifle, a Glock, and a bad attitude, will this girl with no name be able to take on a swarm of homicidal enemy narcos and rescue an innocent victim of sex trafficking?

You’ll have to read this exciting thriller to find out…