The Eagle’s Last Stand is Now Available

The Eagle is unarmed, badly injured, and surrounded by enemy forces.

As one of Earth’s finest soldiers, she must break into a highly-defended Anunnaki base in the middle of war-torn Los Angeles and rescue a girl who knows humanity’s most precious military secrets. Secrets that will doom Earth’s resistance. She has less than ten hours. After that it will be too late.

If she hopes to stop the Anunnaki’s plans to conquer the Earth, she’ll have to betray her best friend.

The Eagle’s Last Stand is a prequel novella in The Aldrinverse, a YA sci-fi series full of compelling characters, engaging action, and intense adventures.

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The Deadliest Earthlings is Now Available!

Humanity is losing the war against the Anunnaki. Badly.

Johnny and Sarah struggle to hold down the fort after their friend betrays them, giving the Anunnaki their most powerful weapon. The boy who wields thunder has abandoned the cause. A rogue Anunnaki prisoner puts humanity’s best warrior into a coma. A traitor sells Aladdin out to the Annunaki.

And the resistance leader, the Eagle, has gone MIA.

Things have never looked worse for humanity.

Can Johnny, Sarah, Olton and Aladdin put their differences aside and save humanity from the brink of extinction?

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An Important Philosophical Question…

Do Women Kick More Ass? I think I may know where to find the answer. Let me explain.

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2017 Release Schedule (Updated)

This year, my brother and I are excited to release a number of titles. Here is a brief preview. Expect more info in a future post.


Girl Meets Narco (crime thriller novel) by Vicente Morales

Rest In Peace, Baby (crime thriller novella) by Vicente Morales. Get it here.


Bloodbath in Hollywood (dystopian thriller novella) by Vicente Morales


The Deadliest Earthlings (young adult sci-fi novel, book 4 of The Aldrinverse) by Gibson Morales

November/December (not guaranteed):

Untitled satirical sci-fi Space Marine novel by Gibson Morales

The dates are subject to change, of course.