An Update from Gibson Morales

Happy New Year to all readers,

Last year, I published “Aladdin: The Genie’s Keeper.” This year, there are a lot of books I would like to publish. Some sequels to “Aladdin” and others set in a totally different universe. But I’m a realist and I know I’m also going to be extremely busy this year. I’ve got enough story ideas to last me several lifetimes. That said, there’s only so much time in a day. So I’m not going to plan anything wild like four or ten books this year. I’m going to keep it simple. I plan on publishing one book. At least one full-length novel. More likely than not it will be “The Deadliest Earthlings,” book 4 in The Aldrinverse. It may be book 1 of an entirely new series however. I’ve got story ideas for a new space opera/space fleet sci-fi epic that I’m really excited about. We’ll see. Either way, I’m only going to publish what I feel is my best stuff. No rushed stories just to pad my bibliography. It definitely means a longer time frame for publication, but you readers deserve a better class of fiction. Stay tuned!

Update on the Update…

I’m still working on finishing up Book 3 in The Aldrinverse. Got sidetracked with some non-writing projects, but I’ll be focusing on editing and cover design these next few days. If I may be so bold, I want to publish it sometime next week (probably add a week or two to that).


Update on The Aldrinverse Book 3

I’m currently in the editing stages of Book 3 (working title, of course) in The Aldrinverse series. I got a little sidetracked this year with traveling around and other projects (I’ve got a couple other stories I hope to release later this year), but I’m still planning to publish it by late spring. Probably around late May or early June. It will be available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and a paperback via Createspace.

Book 3 is going to be a little different (or maybe a lot different) from The Deadliest Earthling and The Boy Who Wields Thunder in terms of the tone and style. It’s going to be more lighthearted and comical. Plus, it’ll be set in a post-apocalyptic West Coast. And it’ll feature a new face in The Aldrinverse. But most people will recognize the name immediately. Expect plenty of ancient alien mythology, Wild West action, and Easter eggs…. And don’t forget to join my mailing list for a free copy of The Deadliest Earthling and the title reveal of The Aldrinverse Book 3.

-Gibson Morales

Looking ahead at 2016

Last year, I and my imprint, Mo Bros Books, took the plunge into the indie publishing world and Amazon. As with any startup, there were a lot of obstacles and hiccups. But now that the foundation is in place, it’s much easier to build something great. And that’s what I intend to do this year.

I want readers to know they can expect more books in The Aldrinverse (books 3 and 4 at the very least with a possible prequel novel, too), as well as a new superhero series. And I’m going to work to write faster (while still producing great quality, of course), which means less waiting time between reading Mo Bros Books stories. I don’t have any satires planned, but I do have a humorous middle grade series that should be coming down the line. And I’m trying to work on a couple non-fiction pieces (one is on boxing). Should time allow it, I’m going to provide even more extra content for my books (ie character bios, technology explanations, and art).

For fans of crime novels, my brother will be publishing his first set of novels this year as well.

Naturally with all these new stories coming out, readers can expect plenty of giveaways, sales, and contents over the next twelve months. Remember to join the Mo Bros Books mailing list for a free copy of The Deadliest Earthling and to say current on my latest updates.

Thanks for all your support and continued interest.

Gibson Morales

Release Schedule

The following titles are slated for the 4th Quarter of 2015.

The Martian Guy: The Martian Parody-October 2015
Science Fiction Satire

Available free on Wattpad (more chapters coming in November)

Put a Stake in his Crotch-October 2015
New Adult Urban Fantasy Satire

Available free on Wattpad (will be completed by Halloween 2015)

The Boy Who Wields Thunder-December 2015
Young Adult Dystopian/Science Fiction

Will be available via Amazon Kindle and as a print book

Win a SIGNED copy of The Deadliest Earthling

Readers can win a free copy of The Deadliest Earthling, signed by me, Gibson Morales. It’s a young adult dystopian novel involving a military prodigy and some ancient aliens.

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The Deadliest Earthling

by Gibson Morales

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Writing Advice: Finding the Best Time to Write

Remember that time you sat down and everything went right. You had great ideas, there was no writer’s block to hold you back, and it all sounded good as you typed it?

Every writer hopes for this moment, but how often does it really come? How many writers consistently enjoy these perfect writing sessions? Not many.

Writing is (as you know) a tough career. With work and social lives, it can be especially hard to find time to write, let alone find the time when you are in your best creative spirit. It comes down to eliminating some of the fun stuff like TV and simply (and impulsively if you must) forcing yourself to write.

Even if you think you’re not in the spirit, do it.

That magical moment is never going to come. At least not if you don’t start writing first. Who knows, you might start off in a bad mood, but find your creative spirit once you warm up a little.

You cannot wait until you “feel like writing.”

Many writers choose to start off their early mornings with writing. I can attest to this. Like toadstools after a rainstorm, my best ideas usually pop up in my head around 5 AM. The scientific standing of this is DMT.

DMT is the chemical in our brains that causes dreams. And dreams, as you know, are often creative and sometimes offer great stories.

Early in the morning, our brains still carry DMT, so we are able to use this for better writing and better story ideas. And in the early morning, you will probably be a little calmer and have fewer distractions—there just isn’t much going on in the ungodly hours.

Another time to write is just after exercise. Cardio exercise like running or swimming elevates your mood in the short-term and this can be a factor in helping you write.

But really, I think exercise helps calm a person down by getting rid of excess energy. This means you end up a little less distracted and more focused. Also, exercise will get the blood flowing and help you work more actively.

If these don’t help, I suggest you take a two-day vacation or week-end trip. Bring your laptop and get yourself to do focused writing there for a few hours. Then come back to your normal writing place and see how you suddenly have a boost in your writing focus.

Books available at the end of June

It’s been a long process, but I can safely say that I will have The Deadliest Earthling, The Red Queen, and Shits and Giggles available later this month.

Here’s a quick price guide:
The Red Queen (science fiction short story) e-book=$0.99
Shits and Giggles (satire/dark humor short story collection) e-book=$0.99
The Deadliest Earthling (young adult dystopia adventure) e-book=$3.99, paperback price=TBA (probably ~$10)

The Red Queen and Shits and Giggles were much easier to complete as they’re going to be available purely as e-books on Amazon Kindle. The Deadliest Earthling will be available in paperback and as an e-book, so I needed to take the extra time to get the covers and formatting just right.

And Johnny Ali vs America is coming too. I wonder if it’d be a good July 4th read….

Check out the descriptions and see if these stories sound interesting. If so, sign up to my newsletter for updates or check back here soon.